Rare Dementia Panel Discussion


YPAC will explore a thoughtful expert panel discussion about various dementias, the relation between Alzheimer's & dementia, and a Q&A session. Guest Speakers: Annie Geiger: Know the Ten Warning Signs Presentation Norma Loeb (Executive Director and Founder of Lewy Body DiseaseResourceCenter) will discuss Lewy Body Dementia. Corey Essanasson (Ambassador for The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration "AFTD") will discuss Frontotemporal Degeneration "FTD" Umbrella. Dr. Jason Cohen (Neurologist, Montefiore Medical Center) - will discuss dementias that can manifest earlier in life. Erica Steiner (full-time younger caregiver) - Erica is an Alzheimer's/dementia awareness influencer with a huge TikTok following. She lives in LA and is the sole caregiver for her mom who has early onset Alzheimer's. Presented by Young Professionals Alzheimer's Council