Hillary Is Now "Part Of The Resistance"

Hillary Clinton says she's back to being an activist citizen and, quote, "part of the resistance."

As if we didn’t hear enough from Hillary during the campaign, she now seems to be on some sort of a victory tour, even though she didn’t win anything.  In an event in New York City, Clinton remarked that she believed she was on the way to winning up until the last days of the campaign.  24/7 News reports that Clinton says that her campaign went south when FBI Chief James Comey released a letter informing Congress of a reopened investigation into her emails, in addition to the leaks of internal communication between members of her campaign team. She said those events scared off people who were inclined to vote for her.

Clinton said she's proud of her campaign, but she acknowledges that it was flawed. Thankfully she does take responsibility for the loss and dosen’t blame it all on external forces.