Congressman Maloney "Adopts" Congressman Faso's District

Local 18th District Congressman  Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney says he is “adopting” Republican Congressman John Faso’s 19th District and will show up at a healthcare forum in Kingston tonight. 

Congressman Faso’s representative has said he will not attend the forum at the Senate Garage in Kingston. Congressman Maloney says he is ready to answer healthcare questions for 19th District residents.

National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Chris Martin responds that, “Sean “MIA” Maloney is preoccupied with scoring cheap political points while his constituents are left behind. Perhaps Maloney should spend less time lecturing people outside his district and more time listening to those in his own.”

Tonight’s Health Care Forum is sponsored by “Indivisible NY-19” and is scheduled to begin at 630pm at the Senate Garage at 4 North Front Street in Kingston.

Photo:  flickr, Nicholas Raymond

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