Granola Recall Expands

More granola products are being recalled. 

Word comes today that Nature's Promise Trail Mixes are being recalled following the discovery that some of the products could have Listeria organisms. Nature's Promise Organic Campfire Trail Mix, Cascade Trail Mix and Cranberry Trail Mix are all being recalled.

So far there have not been any reports of illnesses from people who have used the products. Customers who have purchased the products should discard any unused portions and bring their receipts to the nearest store for a full refund.

It was on Wednesday that Trader Joe's and Wildway recalled some eight and ten-ounce packages of grain-free granola because an ingredient used in the products might be contaminated with Listeria. 

That recall affects packages of Trader Joe Grainless Granola with "best by" dates ranging from March 28th to April 10th, 2018. Also recalled are various packages of Wildway Grain-Free apple cinnamon, banana-nut, vanilla bean espresso and coconut cashew granola. There are so far no reports of illness, but it can take more than two months for symptoms of Listeria infection to develop. Customers can return the granola to the store for a full refund.

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Photo:  flickr, stu_spivack

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