FBI Investigates Bernie's Wife

(New York City, NY) -- The FBI is looking at Bernie Sanders' wife because of allegations of fraud.

I have been saying for months that there ought to be an investigation. Now, 24/7 News reports that a leading Vermont Republican told Fox News last night that the investigation of Jane Sanders is based on facts and figures and not hearsay. Sanders is alleged to have obtained a loan to purchase land for the expansion of a college in Vermont through fraudulent means. 

Brady Toensing, the vice chairman of the Vermont Republican Party, says in order to get the loan in 2010, Sanders had to confirm guaranteed donations of over two-million-dollars. Toensing says the school was only able to collect about a quarter of that amount, and that three of the donors have come forward to say the school overstated its pledge amounts. Jane Sanders was the president of Burlington College at the time. Bernie Sanders, says the FBI probe is "pathetic" and "the way politics is in America today." Sanders says his wife is perhaps "the most honest person I know."

Bernie, get ready for a wake-up call.

Photo:  flickr, Phil Roeder

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