31 Alleged Poughkeepsie Gang Members Are Facing Charges

For years two rival gangs in the City of Poughkeepsie have been using violence and intimidation to carve out drug trafficking territories. 

Acting U.S District Attorney Joon Kim says the “Uptown” Gang is responsible for the murder of Poughkeepsie High School Basketball Star Caval Haylett and also the murder of Daquell LeBlanc.

Kim announcing today criminal charges against 31 alleged Poughkeepsie gang members. The charges include murder, attempted murder, racketeering and narcotics and firearms offenses. Facing murder charges are alleged Uptown Gang members: Nicholas “Bados” Harris, Dimetri “Pancho” Mosely and Jaquez “Quezzy” Hill for the murder of Haylett who was not a gang member.

 Facing murder charges for the killing of alleged “Downtown” Gang member Daquell LeBlanc, are alleged “Uptown” Gang members Markel “Booge” Green and Rahim “Bigs” Miller.

Photo:  flickr, Tony Webster

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