New York Ballot Propositions

(New York, NY) -- New Yorkers will decide at the polls whether elected officials should lose their pensions should those officials be convicted of a felony connected with their public duties. That's one of the ballot questions for New York State on election day. If voters say yes, it would allow a judge to decide each case individually following a conviction. It would not be retroactive. 

One of the other questions asks voters if there should be a convention to revise the New York Constitution. The state requires that ballot question every 20 years. That could mean lawmakers would have to discuss campaign finance, ethics and voting laws among other things. 

The third ballot question asks for the authorization of the use of 250 acres in the Adirondack Forest Preserve for specified purposes. That would allow towns, villages and counties to add bike trails and public utility lines near highways that go through the forest preserve. 

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Photo:  flickr, Jim Bowen

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