Today Is Election Day In New York

Today is election day and in Dutchess and Ulster counties all county legislative seats are up for a vote.  Voters in both counties also will decide on a county comptroller, in Dutchess county incumbent Republican Jim Coughlan Is facing a strong challenge from Democrat Robin Lois.  In Ulster County Incumbent Democrat Elliot Auerbach is running unopposed for County Comptroller. 

Many town and city races are also on the ballots.  Also in Dutchess County voters will decide between Republican Linda Murray and Democrat Christi Acker for Justice of the Supreme Court 9th Judicial District and in Ulster County voters will decide between Democrat Julian Schreibman and Republican Peter Crummey for Justice of the Supreme Court 3rd Judicial District

 The polls remain open until 9pm.

Photo:  flickr, Maryland Gov Pics

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