Today Is The End Of Hurricane Season

(New York, NY) -- The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is officially over at the end of today. 

It's going down as the most expensive storm season on record, with ENKI Operations estimating that it cost more than 200-billion-dollars. There were 17 named storms this year, but it will be the names Harvey, Irma and Maria that will go down in history as the most damaging storms.

In August, Hurricane Harvey slammed into southern Texas as a Category Four storm, but it was significantly weaker when it sat over Houston and dumped some parts of the city with 60 inches of rain. About two weeks later, Hurricane Irma slammed Florida as a Category Four storm, after slamming the Caribbean as a powerful Category Five. Then, there was Maria, which also cruised through the Caribbean as a Category Five. It devastated Puerto Rico as a power Category Four storm, leaving significant parts of the island in the dark to this day.

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Photo:  flickr, Kabsik Park

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