Threat Discovered At Marlboro Middle School

Two Marlboro Middle School students allegedly had a list of fellow students they were threatening to shoot.

Another student overheard the discussion and alerted school officials who immediately launched an investigation and notified the school resource officer.  Marlboro Police are continuing the investigation.

Marlboro schools Superintendent Michael Brooks says some students have been disciplined and that the situation has been dealt with appropriately, and the school is safe.

Here is part of the statement from the Marlborough Police Department:

"An update on the current school threat investigation. Interviews are  still being conducted at this time and will continue throughout the day.  Interviews are currently confirming and  solidifying that no one is in danger at this time. This department is  working hand in hand with the Marlboro Central School District on this  matter.  Updates will be posted as available."

 (Photo by Duane Prokop-Getty Images for Feeding America)

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