NY PSC Revokes Time-Warner/Charter/Spectrum Merger

(Albany, NY)  --  The TimeWarner-Charter Communications merger is in the crosshairs of the the New York State Public Service Commission .  

PSC Commisisiioners today voted to revoke its approval of the merger.  Commsissioners said that Charter, doing business in New York as Spectrum, failed to meet service benchmarks even after the company received extensions for compliance.

"With its decision, the Commission determined that Charter failed to deliver the benefits to New Yorkers that were at the core of the merger approval. The various instances of misconduct include:

The company’s repeated failures to meet deadlines;


Charter’s attempts to skirt obligations to serve rural communities;


Unsafe practices in the field;


Its failure to fully commit to its obligations under the 2016 merger agreement;



The company’s purposeful obfuscation of its performance and compliance obligations to the Commission and its customers."

Charter officials say they have made tremendous progress in extending its broadband network and is focused on getting service to more New Yorkers.

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)