AMBER ALERT Issued In New York


(Hudson Falls, NY, NY)  --  Police are  continuing their frantic search for a 12-year-old girl abducted in  Upstate New York.  Malaya Jackson was kidnapped in Hudson Falls on  Wednesday, seen getting into a red Mustang with Pennsylvania license  plates.  

The pre-teen, who's black, five feet tall with long dark hair,  was spotted Thursday afternoon near the Staten Island Ferry after an AMBER  Alert was issued.  Hours later, the NYPD found the car and arrested two  people inside but there was no Malaya.  Police released one person but  still have a man in custody and say the girl is in imminent danger of  serious physical injury or death.

Original Story:

(Hudson Falls, NY) -- An AMBER Alert is being issued for a 12-year-old girl from Upstate New York, who might be headed to New York City.

Cops say Malaya Johnson was abducted near Oak Street in Hudson Falls, not far from Saratoga Springs. Police say her abductors' car was a red two-door Ford Mustang and may have been occupied by two Hispanic men. Malaya is described as five-feet tall, 115-pounds with long brown hair and eyes. Anyone who thinks they have seen her, is asked to call 911.

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