Poughkeepsie Mayor Gives State Of The City Address

(Poughkeepsie, NY)--Hundreds of people filled the Changepoint church last night as Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison gave his State of the City Address.Returning to the location of his inaugural speech, Mayor Rolison talked about the turnaround in finances the city has experienced since then, which has allowed for the hiring of more police officers and firefighters over the last few years.

The Mayor also talked about the reactivation of the COPS Grant Award bringing back to the city $680,000.00 in federal funds and the success of his Anti-blight task force in dealing with zombie properties. He described how the city had acquired the former YMCA building on Montgomery Street, one of the largest vacant buildings in the city.

Near the end of his speech, Mayor Rolison brought the Poughkeepsie Pioneers boys basketball team onto the stage for a standing ovation in recognition of their state championship.

Photo: Todd Bender

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