New Paltz Police Stickers May Help Those With Autism

(New Paltz, New York)--People with Autism Spectrum Disorders are seven times more likely than most to come in contact with first responders including police.That is why the New Paltz Police Department is offering “Occupant with Autism” stickers. They can be placed on a vehicle that transports someone with ASD’s or on the door of their home to alert emergency responders to the situation.

A release from the police department suggests how the stickers can be used. “We recommend placing the sticker on the lower left corner of the rear window or on the outside of the main entrance of the residence.We hope that this small gesture may be what changes the outcome of a tense situation, just by giving responding Officers the heads up that the person they are dealing with has an ASD.”

The stickers are now available at the New Paltz Police Department on South Putt Corners Road.

Image Provided by New Paltz Police Department

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