Dramatic Change For Ulster County Shoppers Begins On Monday

(Kingston, NY)--In just a few days shoppers at supermarkets across Ulster County will experience a dramatic change at the stores.On Monday a single-use plastic bag ban goes into effect in the county, forcing shoppers to bring with them reusable bags or to purchase paper bags for 5 cents or more each.

The law passed by the Ulster County Legislature says “the production and disposal of single-use checkout bags has significant environmental impacts, including the contamination of the environment, the depletion of natural resources, use of non-renewable polluting fossil fuels and increased clean up and disposal costs.”

There are some exceptions to the bag ban including for certain produce and meat products and for food service establishments located outside of grocery stores.Stores that repeatedly violate the plastic bag ban could be fined 500 dollars per violation.

Photo: Christopher Furlong-Getty Images

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