Trump Supporters Rally In Downtown Poughkeepsie

(Poughkeepsie, NY) -- An anti-impeachment rally was held in downtown Poughkeepsie this morning. Carrying pro-President Trump signs, those in the rally moved from Poughkeepsie City Hall to the steps of the main Poughkeepsie post office where they were joined by Republican State Chairman Nick Langworthy. He accused Democratic congressmen Sean Patrick Maloney and Antonio Delgado of derailing the federal government by supporting the impeachment inquiry to satisfy the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party. Chairman Langworthy says in the 2020 elections he believes Republicans can recapture both the 18th and 19th congressional districts that serve Dutchess County.

Congressman Antonio Delgado in a statement describes why he supports impeachment. “The first responsibility of the President of the United States is to keep our country safe, but it has become clear that our president has placed his personal interests above the national security of our nation. The President has admitted to soliciting the Ukrainian president to investigate a political rival...Having taken an oath of office before God and my fellow citizens to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, I can only conclude that Congress move forward with articles of impeachment.”

In a statement about the impeachment Congressman Maloney said, “I have had a high bar for putting the country through an impeachment inquiry, especially so close to an election. But these allegations go to the heart of the oath I took....I am prepared to pursue an impeachment inquiry of the President. The old Trump song and dance won’t cut it this time.”

Photo: WKIP

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