Elizabeth Hurley And Son Damian Look Identical In Christmas Instagram Post

When most people hear about someone with the last name Hurley who looks stunning, has gorgeous long hair, soft, unblemished skin, and sparkling blue eyes, they will think of British actress Elizabeth Hurley, but she's not the only person who that description fits, her son Damian can be described that way too. In fact, he shared a Christmas post on Instagram featuring his famous mom and the two look nearly identical. In the shot, the 54-year-old mother stands next to her 17-year-old son. Both are bundled up, wearing hats and warm coats, holding each other tightly. Damian captioned the pic, "happy christmas!!" and included a Christmas tree emoji and a heart emoji.

Commenters were impressed by the photo and how similar the two look, writing things like, "Twins. So beautiful," "Peas in a pod," "You are a gorgeous pair," and "You look like sisters!"

It's definitely not their first picture together. In fact, last year, the two caused quite a stir when Liz posted some sexy photos with Damian.

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Photo: Getty Images