Man's 'Family Feud' Proposal Wins The Internet

It's the holiday season so plenty of people are heading to family gatherings to see relatives. Some just have a meal together but others are more interactive and might even play games as a family. That's what Joshua Bell and Kiana Myrick's fam did during a get-together in North Carolina. One of the games they played was Family Feud, but when it was Kiana's turn to be a contestant in a Fast Money round, Joshua had arranged some special questions for her - it was all leading up to him asking her to marry him.

Bell told his girlfriend, "We surveyed a hundred women," then asked, "Name a day a woman always dreams of." Kiana quickly responded, "Her wedding day." Joshua then said, "Name something a woman wears all white to." Kiana answered, "Her wedding." The questions continued on the same theme and ended with Joshua asking, "How would you finish this: Will you marry me?" Confused, Kiana said, "Yes, I will?" then Bell stated, "Might as well make it official, right?" and got on one knee to propose.

Family members filmed the whole thing and posted it on Facebook.

As he asked Kiana to be his wife, Joshua said, "I love you with all of my heart. A lot of people may say we are young, but I say life is too short. Through everything we’ve been through, baby, we managed to keep God first. And now eight years later, we're here. I'm looking for 88 more. Will you marry me?"

She said yes.

Photo: Facebook/LaShondaSWilliamson