5 People Stabbed During Hanukkah Party at Rabbi's Home in New York

Police in New York say a suspect has been taken into custody after five people were stabbed Saturday night during a Hanukkah celebration at a rabbi's home in suburban New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo decried the attack, calling it an act of "domestic terrorism. The victims were taken to two local hospitals in the area with their current conditions unknown, but at least one of the victims was seriously hurt.

The incident began at around 10 p.m. Saturday, the seventh night of Hanukkah, when a man armed with a blade attacked guests at the Hanukkah party being held in Monsey on Forshay Road, where ultra-Orthodox Jews have made their home. The attack took place at a celebration held at the home of Rabbi Chaim L. Rottenberg, who heads up Congregation Netzach Yisroel next door to his home.

The suspect reportedly wore a scarf around his face during the attack, and after stabbing five people, was chased out of the home. Witnesses described the attacker's weapon as a large knife or machete. After being chased away from the party, the suspect attempted to gain access to the synagogue next door, but he was unable to after people inside barricaded the doors. The suspect fled the scene, but was later captured two hours later in Harlem.

Rottenberg's son was among those who were wounded in the attack Saturday night.

Cuomo, who visited the rabbi Sunday morning, told reporters that this was an "intolerant time in our country."

"We see anger, we see hatred exploding," said Cuomo, adding: "It is an American cancer on the body politic."

State Attorney General Letitia James said Saturday night via Twitter: "I am deeply disturbed by the situation unfolding in Monsey, New York tonight. There is zero tolerance for acts of hate of any kind and we will continue to monitor this horrific situation. I stand with the Jewish community tonight and every night."

At least eight attacks have been reported in New York City this week. Earlier this month, three people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a Jersey City kosher market.

Photo: Getty Images