Pepperoni Shortage Might Hit Your Local Pizza Place

While many stores and restaurants have been hit hard by the pandemic, pizza parlors have actually seen a boom in business. With relatively inexpensive meals that are easy to pick up or have delivered, plenty of people have opted to have more pizza than usual during COVID-19. However, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, as the restaurants are now learning.

According to Bloomberg, pizza places are facing a growing shortage of pepperoni, and the cost of the favorite topping is now nearly twice what it usually is. The cause of the problem is a combination of the growing demand for pepperoni, and the production issues at many meat plants, which have reduced their output.

While the bigger chains haven't been hit too hard yet by the shortage, the smaller, independent pizza shops are struggling with the costs of the toppings. The good news is, so far, most pizza places haven't been passing the costs onto their customers, but if things don't improve, which seems to be the case for the next few months, customers very likely will have to take some of that burden.

A recent survey showed that pepperoni is America's favorite pizza topping, but in times like these, perhaps pizza lovers should consider some of the runners-up like sausage, mushroom and bacon.

Photo: Getty Images