Delta Will Once Again Start Offering Drinks And Snacks During Flights

Delta Air Lines said that it will start offering snacks and drinks to passengers beginning on April 14. Snacks and beverages were eliminated from many flights due to the coronavirus pandemic. Airlines were concerned that people would have to take off their masks to eat and drink, increasing the risk of COVID-19 spreading on the flight.

Delta said that hot food options will be available in June for customers flying in Delta One or First Class on select domestic coast-to-coast flights. In early July, Delta said that it will begin offering freshly boxed meals to flyers in First Class on select domestic flights. Delta did not say when passengers in regular seats will be able to order hot food or boxed meals.

The airline also announced that it will begin selling middle seats again starting on May 1. While most airlines stopped offering middle seats during the pandemic to make it easier to socially distance while flying, many started selling them again in the summer and fall. Delta was the last remaining U.S. carrier keeping middle seats open.

The airline said that the decision was made as a growing number of people across the country get vaccinated against COVID-19. Delta CEO Ed Bastian said that 65% of previous Delta customers indicated that they expect to receive at least one injection by May 1.

“During the past year, we transformed our service to ensure their health, safety, convenience, and comfort during their travels,” Bastian said. “Now, with vaccinations becoming more widespread and confidence in travel rising, we’re ready to help customers reclaim their lives.”

Photo: Getty Images