Speaking on his national radio program Monday night, Buck Sexton ripped Silicon Valley for its far-left, radical ideology; bashing the giant technology companies who leadership is often more “left-wing” than the mainstream media.

Buck was discussing the recent Google “anti-diversity” dossier, distributed by a software engineer who questioned whether the technology giant’s gender-gap was rooted in “biological differences” between men and women.

The employee was subsequently fired for the “intolerant” document.

“They’re calling it an ‘anti-diversity screed.’ It is a ten-page memo from an engineer inside of google that has completely freaked out the Silicon Valley progressive set,” said Sexton. “Google, Facebook, these internet mega-companies are absolutely full -at the leadership level- of far-left progressives.”

“I think you can make the case that the leadership of some of these major internet companies is in fact more left-wing overall than the media is,” he added.

Buck slammed the software giants, who are growing increasingly powerful with “each passing year,” for their rigid opposition to ideological diversity as well as their willingness to destroy political opponents.

“They’re also willing to make examples of people, they’re willing to destroy careers and reputations and even lives because the Silicon Valley set is so full of itself, so wealthy and influential and detached from the average American’s reality that their incredibly far-left ideas and their incredibly progressive outlook on everything in life has a really hardline evangelist aspect to it,” said Buck.

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.