Donald Trump is entering his sixth month as President of the United States and while his battle with the media may continue to dominate the headlines, Trump’s presidency has not been without victories.

On Monday’s radio program, Buck Sexton offered his critique of Trump’s first 100 days.

“If you look at it on the substance and not the style…there’s been a lot of good stuff,” Buck said on Monday. “A whole bunch of things happened under this presidency that, I think, even conservatives who were really skeptical of the president have to stand up and say, ‘OK, that was good.'”

Buck went on to list a number of achievements of the Trump White House including the appointment of Judge Neal Gorsuch.

“Whoever Hillary was going to put in there was going to make Merrick Garland look like a cross between Antonin Scalia and Milton Friedman,” Buck said of the nomination.

In addition, Buck spoke of the regulator and economic reforms put into place by President Trump.

“The economy is, by all metrics–by all the metrics we can use, at least–incredibly strong right now,” Buck added. “The stock market is at an all-time high. Dow at an all-time high. 4.1% unemployment. Good jobs numbers recently. And there’s optimism. People think that things will get better. And optimism matters. It matters for hiring. It matters for expansion and for entrepreneurs, for investment.”

Buck added that the biggest regret of Trump’s first 200 days is the failure of the Republican congress to pass anything significant.

Listen to Buck’s critique of Trump’s first 200 days above!