Speaking on his daily radio program, Buck Sexton said the United States now faces the greatest nuclear threat since the end of the Cold War, warning listeners that President Trump is now staring down a regime that poses a “catastrophic threat.”

“The situation with North Korea is heating up rapidly and we are at a new phase in this stand-off, with the most intractable foreign policy nuclear threat since the fall of the Berlin Wall,” said Buck. “Here we are, staring at a regime that is full of the most war-like and hyper-nationalist propaganda.”

Sexton outlined the recent UN sanctions that prompted the escalating war-of-words between the United States and North Korea; applauding the harsh crackdown on the communist nation in the hopes it will force Kim Jong Un to abandon his weapons programs.

“We are trying to get North Korea to give up its nuclear program and its nuclear weapons. There are reports out there right now -unconfirmed but there are reports- that North Korea can already hit the US mainland with a ballistic missile, and can put a miniaturized nuclear device on that missile,” said Sexton.

“People are clearly very concerned about the North Korean threat to the United States, never mind to its neighbors where it already poses an extremely viable and catastrophic threat,” he added.

“The reality is that [North Korea] has now been put in a position where its already very embattled economy is going to be receiving greater pressure. It will lose a billion dollars of foreign currency transactions,” said Buck. “China seems to be on board on some level here, and the Trump administration deserves some credit for what’s going on.”

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.