Speaking on his daily radio program, Buck Sexton ripped North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un for his never-ending war-of-words with the United States on Wednesday, slamming the unhinged despot as an “unstable person” who lives in an “alternate universe.”

“People have no idea how Kim Jong Un is going to react. People have no idea what his real end-goal is here for all of this that’s going on in North Korea,” said Buck. “When you’re talking about somebody who lives in what is truly an alternate reality, an alternate universe. Someone who would call for his own brother to be assassinated abroad, this is an unstable individual. Rational to an extent, but what is rational when you’re the dictator of North Korea is not rational if you’re a normal person in the rest of the world.”

Sexton then lashed-out at the mainstream media, who are hell-bent on blaming President Trump –not Kim Jong Un- for the escalating crisis on the Korean peninsula; using the nuclear threat as an excuse to make Trump appear “erratic” or “dangerous.”

“Some in the media are more worried about Donald Trump. As though Donald Trump, when it comes to the North Korea nuclear program, is the problem. This is very telling,” said Buck. “You can see a lot of who the media really are when it comes to how they’re more worried about Trump sounding stern vis-à-vis North Korea than the reality of North Korea.”

“You’ve got much of the media out there deciding to run with this because the anxiety […] can be used to make it seem like Trump can’t keep us safe, that he’s erratic,” he added. “That’s what a lot of the media is trying to go with.”

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.