Buck Sexton stopped by ‘Kennedy’ on Thursday night to weigh-in on the escalating nuclear crisis with North Korea, saying Kim Jong Un was itching for a fight and that the entire “legitimacy” of his regime is at risk.

“A lot of people are really freaked out by this. There are people who feel that the President went too far and was declaring nuclear war on North Korea,” said Kennedy. “I don’t agree with a lot of the stuff he says and does, but I agree here.  He saw the language Kim Jong Un was using and just used it back on him.”

“He’s confronting a bully, which is what the Kim regime has always been for his own people, for everyone in the region, and now for everyone all over the world as these missiles have a longer and longer possible trajectory,” said Buck.

“If you’re going to confront a bully, you actually have to convince that person -or in this case that state- that you’ll throw a punch,” he added. “A lot of the policy vis-à-vis North Korea for years, really decades now, has been premised on, ‘Well they know that we’ll escalate and use force if we have to.’ I actually don’t think that’s the case. I believe the Kim regime thinks that they can continue doing exactly what they have been doing, which is swindling us.”

“It almost seems that North Korea wants a conflict. Why would they want a conflict?” asked Kennedy.

“North Korea absolutely wants a conflict. The entire legitimacy of the state is premised upon reuniting the Korean peninsula, which means taking South Korea and making it part of North Korea,” said Sexton. “They are saturated with propaganda about this.”

Watch Buck on ‘Kennedy’ below: