Speaking on ‘America Now,’ host Buck Sexton ripped the progressive left for acting like “petty little dictators” when it comes to transgender rights issues, saying liberals are trying to force people to conform to “delusion and unreality.”

Buck weighed-in on the recent cover of Vogue magazine, featuring Chelsea Manning –previously Bradley Manning- in a bathing suit.

“The progressive left embraced Chelsea Manning a long time ago,” said Buck. “Bradley, now Chelsea Manning, has become a transgender individual.”

“Chelsea Manning is a man. I don’t know why this a controversial point. This should not be a controversial point. Chelsea Manning is a male,” said Sexton.

“You can change your name, and it’s fine. And it would be impolite to refuse to call somebody their name […] But ‘he’ or ‘she’ that seems to me to be an issue of fact. ‘He’ is for a man. ‘She’ is for a woman. Chelsea Manning is a man. But now I could be not just publicly shamed, but maybe even legally forced [to say that.]

“That’s now the environment in which we find ourselves […] A very loud and very totalitarian minded minority within the progressive left is dictating this to the rest of us. They are petty little dictators. And when it comes to the transgender rights issue, this is a place where they can force everyone else –they think- to bend the knee,” Buck added.

“I don’t want to offend people for no reason,” he said. “But I also don’t want to be a party to delusion and unreality.”

Listen to Buck on ‘America Now’ above.