Buck Sexton weighed-in on the recent North Korean nuclear explosion that occurred over the weekend, questioning dictator Kim Jong Un’s motives and saying the despot’s long term goals may be an all-out war on the Korean peninsula.

“North Korea has rattled the world once again, with yet another nuclear test. And this time, it is believed, at least the early reporting on it, is that this was a hydrogen bomb,” said Buck. “Which means that the nuclear weaponry it could conceivably call upon is many, many times more powerful than anything that was previously thought for the hermit kingdom.”

“This is a major concern. I think that we’ve gone through many iterations of the same discussion under this administration,” he added. “The Obama administration had ‘strategic patience’ on all things east-Asia policy, including North Korea, which was a fancy way of saying that they really didn’t do a whole lot of anything.”

Buck added that the communist regime may actually want an all-out war with the United States and South Korea, completing its stated goal of Korean unification.

“We need to start thinking in those terms. So much of our discussion is this is all about concessions, and this all about getting us to give them food aid, or to open up markets to them, to ease some of the sanctions,” said Sexton.

“That may all be true in the short term, but if in the long term North Korea’s goal is still in fact to reunify the Korean peninsula with force, and I believe that that is the case, then everything that’s done in the meantime has to be seen through that lens,” he added.

“We have decades of failure to look to […] and we now have a North Korean state, that if you look on their timeline […] they keep getting more and more from the international community despite their provocations,” said Buck. “We reward bad behavior and then we wonder why is it this bad behavior continues?”

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