Speaking on his national radio program Wednesday night, host Buck Sexton scolded Democrats for using immigration policy as a weapon for attacking Republicans, adding liberals don’t have any clear concept of what an ‘American’ actually is apart from people willing to vote for their agenda.

“I wonder at what point we can have a more mature and serious discussion about this as a nation. About what to do about those who are here illegally. I would think that Republicans would be out there making the case for how we need to change interior enforcement, we need e-verify, and we need to do a whole bunch of things so that we don’t get yet another wave of amnesty,” said Buck.

“Unless the democrats really believe […] that ‘American’ really is whatever the Democratic party says it is. There’s nothing particular about it; we don’t have a particular culture, we certainly don’t have a language according to Democrats,” he added. “‘Can’t have the official language be English… that’s racist.’ Plenty of countries have the official language as English.”

“What makes someone an American in the eyes of a Democrat today? In the eyes of Chuck Schumer?” Sexton asked.

“What makes you American? I don’t think Democrats have much of an answer. It’s ‘Well, will you vote for me? Will you vote straight ticket Democrat?’ If the answer is ‘yes,’ then ‘Hey, congrats you’re an American.’ Nothing else matters,” said Buck. “Obeying our laws certainly doesn’t matter, and speaking English doesn’t matter, and there’s no particular culture we’re allowed to speak of as an American culture without hearing about cultural imperialism or white supremacy.”

“I don’t know what they think an American is and they don’t know either,” he added.

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