Buck Sexton called-out establishment Republicans and GOP legislators on his national radio program on Thursday, saying lawmakers aren’t serious about securing the borders and ending illegal immigration but were merely peddling “empty talking points.”

Buck specifically mentioned Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who just this week called for increased border security before focusing on a comprehensive immigration reform plan.

“I totally agree with Paul Ryan that we should have operational control of our borders. Here’s where I get a little curmudgeonly on this, here’s where I start to get annoyed,” said Sexton.

“You could have had Paul Ryan say that a year ago, you could’ve had him say that ten years ago. This has been the Republican mantra for a very long time. But every time we look at what the Republicans [try to do], when there’s an opportunity to do something on immigration, somehow, we always end up with, ‘Well we need work permits and amnesty.’ This is true under Bush, it’s true with the Republican gang of eight under Obama,” he added.

“This notion that the Republicans really want to secure the border feels like an empty talking point, because that’s never the priority. The priority is work permits, drivers’ licenses, legalization, amnesty pathway, we hear so much more about that,” said Buck.

“You may see Republicans pass a permanent DACA status for people covered under the program, which will then beg the question: What about people that then say they didn’t get into the program but they should qualify for it too? Are we going to say ‘no’ to them?” he asked.

“It just keeps getting worse until you change the underlying conditions,” Sexton added. “I just don’t believe the republicans anymore when they say this.”

Listen to Buck call-out Paul Ryan above!