Speaking on ‘America Now’ Monday night, host Buck Sexton slammed  a small percentage of vicious pet owners throughout Florida and Texas for cold-heartedly abandoning their animals; adding that you can learn everything about a person and about a society by the way they treat their dogs.

“You see the way someone treats a dog, you pretty much know everything you need to know about that person.  You see the way a society treats dogs, and you know everything you need to know about that place,” said Buck.

“Look at countries around the world where they’re mean to dogs, these are not countries you want to spend time in. It’s just the truth. These are countries that have all kinds of problems,” he added. “Look at countries where they at least treat dogs with respect if not a deep and abiding affection for centuries; those are countries that you want to spend time in.”

“Countries where they mistreat dogs, where dogs are routinely abused and treated as some kind of vermin, there are a whole lot of countries where that is the case,” said Sexton. “It’s really a litmus test, it’s all you have to know. It’s all you have to know about a person. Do they mistreat dogs? Even if they don’t really like them would they ever really mistreat an animal like that?”

“You see this with the Mullahs in Tehran […] This is the case in Iran, they don’t like dogs,” he added. “The dog test is all you need to know about a person and about a country. Is a person kind to dogs? Is a country good to dogs? Fill-in the blanks after that and you know a lot.”

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