A recent article in the Wall Street Journal offered some “straight talk” for women about to attend college for the first-time, telling the truth about “campus rape culture” and advising women not to panic over inflated statistics that nearly a quarter of college students become victims of a sexual crime.

“If you follow the news, you’ve probably heard that 1 in 4 of you will be sexually assaulted on campus before graduation. Don’t panic. Your parents did not just drop you and your belongings in a crime zone,” writes columnist Jennifer Braceras. “Claims of a ‘campus rape crisis’ are wildly inflated, and a little common sense will go a long way toward keeping you safe.”

The article, titled “Straight Talk for College Women,” lists the common misconceptions about the dangers facing women at universities throughout the country, noting that students are “far less likely to be raped than women your age who are not in college,” and that the Department of Justice estimates that 1 in 53 college women will be victims of sexual assault.

Braceras offers some candid advice to the class of 2021, saying “there’s safety in numbers,” and to avoid the mistakes associated with alcohol consumption.

She adds that if you are a victim of sexual assault, contact someone you trust immediately, not the school; adding that the faculty and administration’s interests are not that of the victim.

“The first job of any college administrator is to protect the college. College victim advocates and Title IX coordinators may have an interest in appearing ‘tough on assault,’ but they also have an interest in avoiding bad publicity, which means limiting your options and discouraging police involvement,” she writes.

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