Tom Sipos Asks, Should The Postal Service Be Privatized?

You may have heard Gus call in to the show this morning to talk about the possible privatization of the U.S. Postal Service.  

President Donald Trump is working on a potential plan to take the USPS into the private sector. The President said earlier this year that the Postal Service is on the financial road to ruin and must be restructured to prevent a taxpayer bailout.

Gus doesn’t like that idea, he wants the Postal Service to remain as is.  I understand that, there are people out there saying if the Postal Service is privatized it will lead to higher rates, poorer service and fewer delivery days. Many elected officials are buying that but I disagree.

I believe if he Postal Service is privatized they will no longer honor the sweetheart deal Amazon has with the agency.  To me it appears that the American Taxpayer is subsidizing Amazon deliveries and that deal is hurting the bottom line of the Postal Service.  I think privatization should be on the table, and let us at least do a proper analysis of the proposal.

Photo:  Uncle Mike