Tom Sipos Says, Midterm Election Campaigns Intensify

With the midterm elections less than a week away campaigns are intensifying across the U.S.

 I don’t care if you are a Republican or Democrat or a member of some other party or an independent; you have to be impressed with how some of these candidates are going all out to try to win and serve the American people.  Now we know some want to take office for the wrong reasons, but many others are in it to elevate the political discourse and make a difference for our country.

I think it is amazing the schedule President Trump is keeping on the campaign trail for Republican candidates.   Trump has more than 10 rallies scheduled before next Tuesday's elections.

Meanwhile on the other side, former President Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden are also criss-crossing the U.S.  24/7 News Source reports Oprah Winfrey will lend her star power to Democrat Stacy Abrams' campaign for governor of Georgia this week, and other celebrities are also on the campaign trail.

May the best candidates win!

Photo:  Steven Maturen-Getty Images