Tom Sipos Asks, "President Bill de Blasio?"

President Bill De Blasio?  This is exactly what we don’t need in this country.  24/7 News Source reports NYC  Mayor Bill de Blasio is avoiding questions on whether he'll run for president in 2020. At the same time Mayor de Blasio says he intends to travel around the country to talk about his progressive proposals and the impact they can have.

You may remember the mayor got national attention when he proposed this week healthcare for all NYC residents no matter whether or not if they are citizens. Do you know how much that would cost?  Who is going to pay for universal healthcare?

According to News Source “when asked yesterday if the policy proposals are a signal he would run, the mayor responded by saying it's a signal that more progressive change is needed and a reminder that New York City can help lead the nation.”  Mr. Mayor progressive policies are responsible for the biggest federal debt in history.  We cannot afford any more progressive policies.

Photo: by Uncle Mike