Tom Sipos Says: President Trump Must Take Immediate Action At Mexico Border

It looks like President Trump will be forced to take drastic action to curb the flow of migrants into the U.S. President Trump says he may move to close the southern border, or at least large sections of it, this week. He has also announced plans to cut almost 500-million dollars in aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras saying those countries are not doing enough to prevent migrant caravans

The President meanwhile is also calling on Congress to address what he says are the causes of a crisis on the southern border. 24/7 News Source reports the President tweeted this morning, "Democrats, working with Republicans in Congress, can fix the Asylum and other loopholes quickly. We have a major National Emergency at our Border. GET IT DONE NOW!"

And that is why the drastic action is necessary; because for the last thirty years Congress has failed to act forcefully on immigration reform.