Democrats Are Trying To Undermine The Results Of The 2016 Election

As I said on the air, the Democrats are trying to undermine the results of the last presidential election. They are pushing forward this impeachment inquiry because they know their candidates cannot defeat President Trump in the 2020 election. The story below from 24/7 News Source sets out what is likely to happen next in this process.

(Washington, DC) -- Today's vote to officially approve the impeachment inquiry is just a small step toward impeachment. Part of today's resolution authorizes the release of depositions that have already been given behind closed doors. The next steps are the House Intelligence Committee will continue to take the lead in investigating charges against President Trump. They will begin transitioning from closed sessions to open testimony in the weeks ahead.

If they decide they have enough evidence against the President, they will then hand it over to the House Judiciary Committee. It will be that committee that draws up articles of impeachment. If they do that, then the House will vote again if they will formally impeach President Trump.

If the House does impeach him, it will be up to the U.S. Senate to decide if the President should be removed from office. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts would oversee a trial in the Senate as House members prosecute their case. All 100 Senators will act as jurors. It takes a two-thirds vote, 67 Senators, to remove the President from office. Republicans currently hold 53 seats in the Senate.

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