Was President Trump Impeached Or Not?

There is an interesting argument being made that President Trump has not been impeached. The argument is outlined below in a story from 24/7 News Source. I think it will be a mute point in a couple of weeks, as I believe House Speaker Pelosi will move the articles over to the Senate.

(Washington, DC) -- The White House is considering arguing in the court of public opinion that President Trump hasn't officially been impeached because the House hasn't yet forwarded articles of impeachment to the Senate.

CBS News reports two people involved in Trump's impeachment defense are basing the no-impeachment argument on an op-ed by Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman. Feldman wrote that impeachment consists of a House vote, which happened last week, and sending articles of impeachment to the Senate. Another Harvard Law Professor, Laurence Tribe, tweeted that the Constitution gives the "sole Power of Impeachment" to the House.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said late last week the House won't deliver articles of impeachment until the Senate lays out the rules for the impeachment trial.

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